SME Instalment Loan Application Form


Important Note 重要事项:


  1. Please complete ALL sections (for limited company) / Section A, B, C, D & F (for non-limited company) in Block Letters. 請以正楷填寫所有部分(適用於有限公司)/ A、B、C、D 及 F 部分(適用於非有限公司)

  2. Please tick "✓" where applicable and *delete whichever is not appropriate. 請在適當的地方加上剔號「✓」,並*刪去不適用者。

  3. In case of discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions of this Form, the English version shall prevail. 本表格之英文本及中文本如有歧異,概以英文本為準。


A: Business Information 業務資料

Loan Application 申請個案

A1 (Application to ALL Customers 適用於所有客戶)

Company Name of the Applications 公司名稱

Business Identification Document Details





Business Address 營業地址 (PO Box is not acceptable 恕不接受郵政郵箱)


Business Address 營業地址 (PO Box is not acceptable 恕不接受郵政郵箱)


Details of Contact Person 聯絡人資料 

Number of Staff 僱員數目

Business Nature 業務性質

Company Type 公司類別


Date of Business Commencement 開業日期

Date of Incorporation/Registration 註冊日期

Country / Region / Jurisdiction of Incorporation / Registration  註冊國家 / 地區

City and Country / Region Where Head Office is Located  總公司所在地

City and Country / Region Where Major Business is Carried Out  主要業務所在地

Type of Business Property 營業物業類別


Ownership of Business Property



Office Telephone Number 辦事處電話號碼

Office Fax Number 辦事處傳真號碼

Email Address 電郵地址

Other Information 其他資料

Product Traded / Manufactured or Services 銷售 / 製造產品類型

Annual Sales Turnover 全年銷售額

HKD 港幣

(Applicable to Business Instalment Loan AND InnoTech Business Instalment Loan 適用於中小企分期及創科企業商業貸款) 

Average Monthly Payroll in Last 3 Months  過去 3 個月的平均薪金支出

HKD 港幣

Average Monthly MPF Contribution in Last 3 Months  過去 3 個月的平均強積金供款

HKD 港幣

Present Monthly Rental Expense 現時每月租金支出

HKD 港幣

(Applicable to InnoTech Business Instalment Loan 適用於創科企業商業貸款) 

Type of Innovative Product / Services to be developed  將研發的創科產品 / 服務種類

Number of years of industry-related experience of the management team 管理團隊相關行業經驗年數

Please briefly describe the innovative product/services under development/going to develop 請簡述貴公司現時正在發展中或將研發的科創產品

Does the company have any strategic partners? (e.g. investors) Please provide their name if any  貴公司有否任何策略合作夥伴(例如:投資者)?如有,請提供其公司名稱

(Applicable to Profits Tax Loan 適用於利得稅貸款) 

Profits Tax Payable (Amount shown on the most recent Notice of Assessment and Demand for Tax)  利得稅繳付金額(最近期稅務評估通知書上顯示的金額)

HKD 港幣


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